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Meetings are probably the most common forum for communication in your business. Yet they can also be a black hole of dominant personalities, abandoned agendas, and wasted time. Just how often has a meeting taken an hour to come to a conclusion you reached in 5 minutes?

We can help you analyse the problems behind unproductive meetings. Working with an experienced role-player, we’ll recreate those challenging situations and personalities, and show how easily we can fall into pre-defined characters. The obstructive one. The one who shouts others down. The silent one. The pessimist. The martyr.

This technique, called Transactional Analysis, is a highly powerful tool for getting to the heart of how we behave in meetings, and we’ll use it not just to consider the actions of others, but also to examine your own role. You’ll learn the techniques that will ensure you come across as warm, natural, engaging, and authoritative.

And while you build your own skills in influencing and negotiating, you’ll also be working on listening, empathy, and building rapport.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘successful meetings’ isn’t a topic that merits training. Surely all you need is an agenda and a focused discussion of the subject. So why is it that many internal meetings feel like they suck up time without achieving the outputs? Why is it that we go from meeting to meeting being busy but feeling like we’re not achieving much? Multiply this across your workforce, and you have a problem: an intangible inefficiency that subtly corrodes the bottom line.

If you have regular contact with clients, then meeting skills become more critical. Clients are the lifeblood of your business and need nurturing at every contact. We often see people taking a functional approach to client meetings. They turn up, have a bit of small talk and then provide – hopefully – the right advice for the matter at hand and ‘job done’. This box ticking approach doesn’t always give the client the experience they want: that you not only have a thorough understanding of their business, and its issues but also an explicit interest in supporting them as individuals – not just the organisation.

Every meeting is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to exceed the client’s expectations, developing deep trust and fostering a healthy relationship that keeps the client coming back to you. This requires skills that don’t come naturally to many of us. In our highly experiential training, we work with you developing a strategy and the interpersonal skills essential for successful client meetings. We break this down into a step-by-step formula that participants can simply follow with plenty of practice on the day. Participants leave achieving a significant transformation which they can easily and consistently replicate back at the office.

Case study
A leading professional services firm found that their senior partners were technically brilliant in meetings but were falling short of the mark regarding managing the meeting process and cultivating close client relationships.

We ran a programme of successful meetings coaching, tailored for this specific audience, putting them through their paces with practical exercises and scenarios. In a short space of time, huge improvements were made, and partners have reported back feeling more confident and able to manage meetings successfully.

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