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45 minutes out of every business hour is spent trying to convey meanings.

That’s why formal training in communication skills can make the whole difference between winning and losing the battle for business.

Memorability in a speech… Persuasiveness in an email… Diplomacy in an interview… Gentle pressure in negotiations… These are just some of the many key tests of your calibre as a business communicator. Often making the whole difference between success and failure.

Communication skills can be developed, as the subject of formal training classes, workshops, and 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring programmes, that we regularly conduct with blue-chip clients across government, industry and the professions.

Helping your whole team to express themselves with extra clarity, force and conviction. Achieving heightened rapport with audiences large and small, and carrying more weight in all their business dialogue, whether spoken or written.

There’s no limit to the number of ways we can raise your game, either individually or collectively, with rapid bottom-line improvements for all to see.

Our Services

Communicating for results

Communicating for Results is a two day intensive course covering both effective business writing and verbal communication. This is a course designed for groups of up to ten delegates.

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‘Writing’ in this sense is an unhelpful term. It covers emails, presentations, pitch documentation, memos, speeches and more.

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Successful meetings / challenging conversations

Meetings are probably the most common forum for communication in your business. Yet they can also be a black hole of dominant personalities, abandoned agendas, and wasted time.

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Imagine you need to divide a bowl of jelly and ice cream between two children. You would probably try to split it into two equal halves.

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To undertake Executive Coaching is not admitting weakness or defeat. Neither is it a therapy session. It is a positive step towards a specific goal in your professional development.

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Effective press appearances are an essential spoke in the communications wheel, because they’re usually called for at times of crisis.

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Corporate video

Story-telling is a fundamental part of the way that we humans communicate with each other.
We tell stories every day, throughout the day. To explain, to persuade, to intrigue and enchant.

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Public speaking

Successful sports people can command many thousands of pounds a night on the after-dinner circuit. Few make it because they lack the core skills to hold an audience.

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In business, we are all salesmen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a product, an idea, or even your own value and contribution, you have to sell it.

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Sweating, uncontrollable nerves, a thudding heart and a blank mind – at its worst, public speaking can be an almost debilitating challenge.

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When you’re pitching for business, a minute might be worth millions. So we coach your pitch team with a simple aim.

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High performing teams

Being an effective leader requires the ability to develop and sustain high-performing teams. At Laughton Scott we believe the characteristics of a high-performing team include:

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Think of a top professional sportsman like Roger Federer. Have you ever considered how they became a number one?

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A lot of the work we do at Laughton Scott focuses on how to deliver your core message. Speechwriting is concerned with the content of that message.

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Communicating with impact

A lot of the work we do at Laughton Scott focuses on how to deliver your core message. Speechwriting is concerned with the content of that message.

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Becoming a TV pundit/presenter

Very few sports people successfully transition into being a television pundit or presenter, why?

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