Our strategic focus
We work with a broad range of businesses at the height of their industries, from law and accountancy practices to engineering and IT businesses.

Our promise to our clients is to double the value of their great thinking, knowledge and technical abilities by marrying them with the confidence, emotional intelligence and the right techniques to communicate with clarity and impact.

If 45 minutes out of every business hour is spent conveying meanings, then formal training can transform productivity, it can make the difference between winning and losing business.

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We are proud of our excellent training reputation. But we stand out because we believe learnt skills need embedding and sharing – creating value for employer and employee. Rather than fulfilling a single purpose – such as a pitch or high-stakes meeting – evidence shows organisational-wide communication skills increases productivity, drives sales, improves reputation and client relationships.

We provide organisations with an end-to-end audit of their communication skills, their needs and capacity. From this analysis, we create winning strategies to develop and embed those skills within the organisation followed by the design and delivery of bespoke training from across our training service offering. These can be tailored to the C-suite and the rank-and-file; at both individuals and teams.

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Our Services

Communicating for results

Embedding a discipline for communications focused on outcomes makes for efficient and productive business practice.

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Rethink your approach to networking and enjoy making better connections in a way that does not feel forced.

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We are all salespeople. Whether it’s a product, an idea, or your own value and contribution, you have to sell it.

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Overcome nerves and master your physical presence to give compelling speeches.

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Successful meetings / challenging conversations

Interpersonal skills with an eye on clear outputs can transform challenging conversations and client meetings.

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A fresh perspective on negotiations can help you gain the best terms on every deal.

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When you’re pitching for business, a minute might be worth millions. So we coach your pitch team with a simple aim – making sure that you win.

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High performing teams

Great teams consistently deliver business results and share best practice throughout their organisation. We help you build and sustain them.

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Effective press appearances are an essential spoke in the communications wheel, because they’re usually called for at times of crisis.

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Cultivating engaging and skilled speakers in your organisation can be a great asset to your brand.

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Think of a top professional sportsman like Roger Federer. Have you ever considered how they became a number one?

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Tailor your content to your audience and make your key message resonate.

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Very few sports people successfully transition into being a television pundit or presenter. Why?

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Learn to write efficiently and succinctly across all communications. Reports and written communication.

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Presenting with impact

Learn to tailor your presentation to engage audiences every time.

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Train the trainer

Save time and money; ensure your in-house trainers have the engagement skills to match their knowledge.

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Communication for leaders

Will your business strategy and vision reach and resonate with the people who will execute it?

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Communicating In a Crisis

Preparation and the right spread of skills in your leaders and spokespeople mitigates reputation damage when crisis strikes.

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