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Do you find yourself skimming through lengthy reports searching for the relevant bits, or re-reading emails because they aren’t immediately clear? How often do you switch off during a briefing because you think you’ve gleaned all the points relevant to you? It is hugely frustrating deciphering content that can be expressed more simply and succinctly.

But it’s not only taken you time to process the information, it has also cost someone time to write and prepare it.

Great business writing is about outcomes and relevance. It demands that writers think carefully about what they want their words to achieve and how they want their audience to think, feel and react on reading it. It’s not about the writer; it’s about the reader.

The skills used for writing effective emails, reports, memos, speeches
and presentations are diminishing, and it costs time, money and patience. Business writing has become an exercise in box ticking with the emphasis on what to include rather than what to leave out.

We have many years’ experience developing our clients’ writing skills in a practical context, ensuring we add value throughout the process. Our approach to business writing helps you, the writer, create objectives from which you can sculpt and prioritise your core messages while defining the right tone and style for your audience.

The power of the written word remains key to doing business; it just does not receive the attention it deserves.

Case study

The CFO at one of our client organisations felt exasperated by the length and complexity of reports he was receiving. They made little sense, yet were taking many people many hours – if not weeks – to write.

We tailored a training course to provide delegates with the skills necessary to write punchy written content, upon which senior executives can make quick decisions. The results were spectacular. One senior manager having been on the course said that his reports used to be more than 15 pages long and always challenged; now they are no longer than three pages and always get approved.

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