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Sweating, uncontrollable nerves, a thudding heart and a blank mind – at its worst, public speaking can be an almost debilitating challenge. But in just a day, we can make an amazing transformation in your confidence and your performance. We can all be great communicators and storytellers in the home or at social events, but as George Jessel said, “the human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public”.

However, learning the art of public speaking is essential for business success, whether in conferences, shareholders’ meetings, or presenting that do-or-die pitch. Every time you speak, your body language, tone of voice, confidence, and even posture will leave an indelible impression on your listeners.

At our sessions we film you speaking and play it back to you. This is a tough experience for many – but it’s an unparalleled tool for letting you see yourself how others see you, and highlighting the issues of which you were probably unaware. We understand these are high pressure situations. We’ve been there ourselves – hundreds of times – and we can teach the skills and techniques that will instill the kind of confidence, fluency, and personal warmth to best represent your business and your brand.

Fear of public speaking is a natural phobia. It triggers the same ‘fight or flight’ chemistry in our brains that we experience when we’re confronted with physical danger. Whether delivering a maiden speech in parliament, a keynote at a conference or presenting a paper at an undergraduate tutorial, there’s no shame in feeling nervous.

The truth, however, is that public speaking can be a game changer for people’s careers or their organisation’s fortunes. Speakers have good reason to feel nervous; they recognise a unique opportunity to shine and get noticed. Hiding from such opportunities is a waste of potential.

The good news is that anyone can overcome nerves and master the art of public speaking; a skill that is empowering and valuable to almost every profession, social status or stage in life. Every time you speak, your body language, tone of voice, rhythm of speech, volume, confidence, and posture leave an indelible impression on your listeners. All of these can be adapted and optimised to super-enhance the delivery of your speech.

In just a day, you can transform your confidence and your performance. In our sessions we film you speaking and play it back to you. This can be tough experience for many, but an enlightening one. It is an unparalleled tool allowing you to see yourself how others see you and assess your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to public speaking. Delegates come out of the session with the right confidence, fluency and personal warmth that best represents themselves and their business.

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