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When you’re pitching for business, a minute might be worth millions. So we coach your pitch team with a simple aim – making sure that you win. How do we do this? By finding the point of difference that will make your company stand out from the pack. By making your pitch the one where they stop yawning and start paying attention.

We can help you discover the qualities in your organisation and in your staff that let you produce memorable, engaging pitches, and increase that vital pitch/win ratio. You can involve us from the very start of the process, or we can sit in on rehearsals to give constructive feedback on your ideas. Because winning a pitch is as much about style as content, we also help you select the right employees, and radically improve their presenting skills to create a confident, likeable, dynamic and engaging pitch team. We make sure that the pitch is correctly structured and paced, and that visual aids are neither over-used nor superfluous. Work with us, and together we’ll make every one of those precious minutes count.

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