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Getting a respected industry expert or well-known personality can be a great way to liven up an event. But such speakers are usually expensive and their content not always relevant.

Every organisation is full of hidden speakers with unrivalled experience and a wealth of personal stories and anecdotes that could be hugely motivational. The challenge is identifying those individuals and giving them the skills to stand in front of large audiences and inspire them.

This one-day course is designed to do just that. We start by developing the delegate’s self-confidence and personal impact. We get them to share powerful personal stories, steering them away from formal and technical day-to-day work content. We look at relevance, making sure that everything they say is insightful and persuasive. With the use of the story wheel, a structure that steers them away from bullet pointed lists; we help them create compelling narratives that not only engage the audience on an emotional level but have a clear, logical structure and message.

You don’t have to be an ex-professional sportsman, politician or journalist to become a motivational speaker; you just have to have a story and a desire to share it. And we’ll help you do it with panache.

Case Study

We worked with one delegate, Andrew, who had been asked to talk at a talent pool programme event for graduates about his hearing disability. Although he never let his disability hold him back, he was extremely nervous about public speaking.

We helped structure and deliver his speech and encouraged him to talk about his personal story. Such was the impact of that speech, Andrew was asked to speak at the annual finance conference to tell his personal story and the importance of diversity within the organisation in front of 300 people.

He was overwhelmed by the response, including feedback from the organisation’s CFO. From complete novice to standing up in front of a large audience under immense pressure we helped him develop the confidence to tell his personal story and inspire and motivate everyone in the room.

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