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Many teams fail to achieve their full potential, but it’s not usually for want of capable and experienced individuals. A collective lack of direction, motivation, leadership, values and above all trust, can undermine a group of otherwise talented personalities. In worse-case- scenarios these deficits can have a toxic effect on the whole company.

Building trust is the foundation of active team collaboration, and trust comes from good everyday communications and emotional intelligence. When an individual in a team does not feel secure in their group, they will watch for signs of betrayal or disrespect; they will overreact to threats; become argumentative when feeling slighted, and take feedback too personally. Individuals may withdraw, or they may overcompensate by dominating the group or positioning for recognition. Ultimately the social dysfunctions of a team distract the group from focusing on results and achieving them.

We work with team leaders and entire teams. We help them to set values and vision and identify the unique skills within the group. We help them develop consistent behaviours that encourage respect, listening and support to build trust and get them to communicate authentically and honestly. Furthermore, we encourage teams to live and share their behaviours outside their immediate group so benefiting the broader company culture.

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