• Low productivity due to poor communication practices costs businesses approximately £8,000 per employee every year
  • 90% of CEOs cite great communication skills as the No.1 contributor to a successful organisation
  • Leaders and managers spend 45 minutes of every hour communicating using either the written or spoken word

Shaping a culture of brilliant communications

What if you could unlock the potential inhibited by poor communications skills? What if you could inject more confidence into yourself, your community or your employees?

The benefits are universal. Everybody needs to express themselves in the best possible way – whether you’re negotiating in the halls of power or campaigning on the street. From your first job interview to your last keynote as CEO, it will be your ability to communicate that wins people over.

What if that ability ran straight through your business at every level? You could expect more efficient meetings with better outputs, greater productivity, higher sales, and better colleague and client relationships just for starters.

How can you foster a business culture of greater openness, trust and engagement?

How can you equip the next generation of employees with the skills to communicate brilliantly in business?

How do you prepare for a life of interviews, making deals, networking, persuading or sharing technical knowledge and expertise?

How can you step up to the mic and deliver original and inspiring insight again and again?

How can you use your experiences in business, the sports field or life to build a personal brand?

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We work with a broad range of businesses at the height of their industries, from law and accountancy practices to engineering and IT businesses.
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With more than 20 years’ experience in the classroom, Laughton Scott’s education practice provides training for both students and teaching staff.
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Sports people aren’t solely athletes anymore. They’re personalities, icons and role models.
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  • In the short time we spent with Laughton Scott they were able to look into our business and to support us to bring out key messages and delivering our communication strategy clearly. Some of the things I learnt in our session I will take with me for the rest of my business life! I highly recommend taking the time.

    CEO & Founder Settled
  • What a brilliant opportunity to develop a useful skill. This training day did wonders for my confidence. I now feel better equipped to carry out demonstrations and other client facing tasks. Hugo gave us some very specific pointers, mine being the content of my pitch, to which I now find I am getting a much better response.

    Christie’s Auction House,Presenting with Impact, Group Session
  • The work with Laughton Scott on written and verbal communication was exceptional - so useful for my daily working life. Relevant, inspiring, insightful & educational. Thank You!

    Senior Leader Network Rail
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