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  • The sessions were fantastic, and I would recommend them to anyone. The analysis and techniques applied were a real eye-opener and showed me how little it takes to make a huge difference. I’m sure this will not only help me to improve as a communicator but also help me come across as more confident and dynamic.

    Janelle StettlerWealth Management, UBS
  • Ben taught me and several colleagues in general presentation skills. Despite our varying confidence levels and vastly different styles, Ben gave us each tailored feedback that allowed us all to take leaps and strides in our public speaking whilst preserving our personal flair. Ben has a rare trait that is so welcome in instructors of making any one and everyone feel respected, intelligent and competent which allows his students to grow the confidence needed to speak in public.

    Analyst, Accenture
  • I only have positive things to say about my experience with Hugo. It gave me an instant boost of confidence. I will recommend you to my company as a whole.

    Headhunter, Russell Reynolds
  • The ‘Presenting with Impact’ training that Ben hosts is fun, hugely informative and extremely valuable. I believe that anyone in a client facing role (whether on the telephone, face to face, or presenting to a larger audience) stands to gain hugely from his insights into both content and delivery. I found his advice and guidance easy to understand and immediately effective a tremendously enjoyable day which has already affected the way I engage with both clients and colleagues, and which I will carry with me as a trusted set of tools.

  • You could really see a marked improvement in the presentations given by each of the participants by the end of the day. Hugo practised what he preached – he was an excellent communicator and his methods of teaching were very effective: it was helpful to watch recordings of each presentation with individual and group feedback – and the exercises that he gave us to do during the day were well thought out and produced results. It was also a very enjoyable course and everybody seemed to leave at the end of the day with increased confidence.

    Christie’s Auction HousePresenting with Impact, Group Session
  • Hugo listened to what I wanted and then added extra value and helped shape objectives that exceeded my initial expectations. The delivery was timely, professional and excellent. I will use Hugo again and am very happy to recommend him to others.

    Brent Council
  • Laughton Scott’s ‘Presenting with Impact’ seminar, was fantastic from beginning to end, packed with practical tricks and tips on how to deliver a good presentation tailored to each participant individually. We were recorded on video before and after and it was easy to spot my shortcomings and with help and guidance from the team the transformation from watching the video after the training was amazing. It is efficiently run, and due to the small group size, you get individual guidance and all the help you need. Very good value for money and I can highly recommend.

    Deutsche Bank
  • Laughton Scott get people, so it was no surprise when they delivered exactly what they promised. Hugo, Stephanie and their team took the time to actively listen, understand and design a course to our exact needs. The business actors made the practical course elements realistic and engaging, while Stephanie brought along a wealth of private and in-house legal experience that truly added value. The course feedback was excellent and I have no hesitation recommending Laughton Scott as one of our top training providers.

    Learning and Development Manager, Clyde & Co
  • Excellent coach. Sessions were very direct and advice was broken down into tangible and easy to remember tips. Great improvements made within only a few hours. I would highly recommend Stephanie for anyone looking to improve on general communication skills.

    CFO, Doddle
  • In the short time we spent with Laughton Scott they were able to look into our business and to support us to bring out key messages and delivering our communication strategy clearly. Some of the things I learnt in our session I will take with me for the rest of my business life! I highly recommend taking the time.

    CEO & Founder Settled
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