Theo Landey

Theo Landey

Theo worked as a professional actor for more than 20 years in Hollywood, the UK and his native South Africa – having trained at the prestigious LAMDA – before bringing his performance craft to the corporate world. Since then, he has gained extensive experience of the motor industry, advertising, hospitality, healthcare and financial services.

Theo brings his acting skills and energy into his training and helps clients become receptive listeners, more confident and charismatic personalities that present well under pressure. From formal writing, speaking and presenting to their daily conversations with colleagues, friends and family Theo helps his clients improve all aspects of their communications.

Theo is a passionate advocate for learning and believes everyone can build upon their skills to become a more persuasive communicator. As an enthusiastic self-starter, Theo invests in his continuous improvement bringing in the latest research and development to his training.

Brought up between London and Johannesburg, Theo has also lived in Los Angeles, New York and Paris which has given him a deep understanding of different cultures, languages and human interaction.

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