Stephanie Aitken

Before becoming a communications skills trainer and coach, Stephanie Aitken was a commercial lawyer for more than ten years in the media sector; working for companies such as MTV International and Channel 4.

Preferring to focus her career on people rather than contracts, Stephanie recognised a real need for professional service industries to foster better communication and interpersonal skills within their ranks.

As a partner and lead trainer of Laughton Scott, Stephanie now helps organisations of all sizes, from single entrepreneurs to large corporates, overcome their communications challenges. She is passionate about empowering individuals to speak, write and present with confidence and influence. Her goal is to see clients transform their performance and add value to their wider business.

It’s no surprise that she is sought after by top law firms, who recognise the significant value of a corporate trainer with her legal background. Drawing on her experience as a solicitor and in-house client, she develops and delivers bespoke training programmes that transforms lawyers’ abilities to win, retain and nurture loyal clients.

Stephanie’s nearly 20 years of working within the corporate world has revealed another profound problem: women aren’t soaring to the top in significant enough numbers despite organisational attempts to redress the balance. Many women are holding themselves back because of internal barriers and doubts about the path ahead.

To address this, Stephanie has developed robust training programmes for women experiencing leadership transitions helping them to seize their new roles with confidence and grace. Click here to find out more.

Stephanie was brought up in Brazil, London, and Geneva and is fluent in French. Her broad background has given her a rich understanding of different industries, cultures and personalities; as well as providing her with the flexibility to adapt to different situations.

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