Marje has been a trainer her entire professional career and still finds nothing more
satisfying than helping others learn new skills. Starting as the Head of Training at
Rebus UK, she managed a ?1.5m budget while coaching staff members to help them
achieve new training qualifications. Her natural gift for motivating others led to work with
such major European clients as Accenture, Caterpillar, The Guiness Partnership,
Cottsway Housing and Thames Water. Her coaching abilities are backed up by in-depth
knowledge of management roles, having spent five years running a large training team
for one of the UK’s leading HR and payroll software providers.

She is an advanced practitioner of Meyers-Briggs and uses it as a constructive
framework for defining personality types and improving team relationships. Her methods
focus on raising morale by creating a working atmosphere of ambition, progression and

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