Christopher Brennan

Dan Ford

As a teacher and Assistant Headteacher for 8 years, Dan understands the value of good communication. Fed up with the mounting pressures on schools to become exam-passing factories and believing there was more to education, Dan joined the Laughton Scott team in 2017. He has been instrumental in setting up and managing the Finding your Voice (FyV) programme.

Dan is determined to bring verbal communication training into all schools; providing young people with the best chances for success in the professional world after they’ve left formal education. He brings a wealth of experience from the classroom – integrating pedagogical understanding,
planning, assessment and the successful delivery of learning into the FyV setup.

Managing groups of teachers in educational settings, Dan now uses his coaching and mentoring experiences to help clients in the corporate world. Enthusiastic and committed, Dan helps everyone he trains to become the very best they can be.

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