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People are often asked to deliver training because of their technical expertise in a particular area, but successfully training colleagues demands much more than that. A successful trainer needs a mix of skills, techniques and emotional intelligence to hold the attention of a group often comprising different personalities, learning styles and agendas.

Success pivots on the trainer. It’s a big responsibility. Get it wrong, and you will not achieve the critical outcomes, time is wasted, and valuable skills and knowledge are not transferred. It costs the business, and it may also cost the trainer’s professional credibility.

Get it right, and delegates leave invigorated with new insight and skills making a tangible impact on their work and the organisation’s goals. Meanwhile, the trainer’s reputation is enhanced throughout the organisation.

Our train the trainer programme provides your trainers with the skills to do just that. The coaching will show trainers how to design an effective and dynamic session, manage logistics, hone their delivery style, keep the group engaged and manage challenging dynamics – among other things.

Case study

A client in the transport industry asked us to deliver a series of Train the Trainer programmes for its in-house coaches who had many years’ experience giving technical skills training. While their technical knowledge was excellent, their core communication just wasn’t engaging colleagues. Despite being met with initial resistance from the in-house trainers, they quickly came on board and were keen to improve their training skills. They made significant improvements, and this is continuing to make a positive impact on the organisation’s programme of upskilling its employees.

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