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A lot of the work we do at Laughton Scott focuses on how to deliver your core message. Speechwriting is concerned with the content of that message. But the two are inextricably linked. A speech is not an essay read out loud. That kind of speech, full of facts, figures, and lists, loses an audience almost before it has begun. The best use straightforward but memorable language that connects with the audience to impart one clear core message.

When we meet with you to discuss a speech we have three aims. The first is to understand the points you need to get across, and what you hope to achieve from the speech. The second is to get to know you personally, so we can tailor the speech to fit your speaking ability, your vocal rhythms, your sense of humour, and your natural tone of voice. Finally, we find out as much as we can about the audience, so we can write a speech that will hit all their key buttons, and produce the response you want – whether that means a standing ovation, a smiling workforce, or a successful sale. With these three elements in place, we write content for you that is original, relevant, and interesting – the key to a successful speech.

The art of speech writing has changed. The challenges are greater and, thanks to social media, the stakes are higher. Nail it with a killer soundbite and your wisdom goes viral, but say something silly and it’s not just the audience in the room that will judge you. Meanwhile, online speech templates make it increasingly difficult for the untutored speechwriter to be original.

It’s become harder to get it right, but great business speakers have always been rare. This is because most speakers fall into the same trap: They talk too much about what they know, creating content that is too technical, too specific and not focused on the benefits to their audience. A speaker who targets what the audience wants to hear wins their attention. And if they do it well they will be rewarded with respect for themselves and their organisation.

There is a vital truth that all speakers should never forget: the vast majority of your audience will be pushed to remember more than one thing you have said 24 hours after your speech. The good news is that social media will probably latch onto your core message – but only if it is crystal clear. We help define that message; determine the outcome the speaker wants from the audience, and to engineer the speech to meet your goal and your audience’s interest.

We have worked with professionals in very technical industries where speakers struggle to get their audiences – from their bosses to their clients – to understand the value of their ideas. We have advised companies pitching concepts in new ways, politicians looking for a better way to get their messages across, after dinner speakers wanting to create a lasting, positive impression. In every case, we have helped clients clarify what they want to say and to deliver it with the greatest impact.

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