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Effective press appearances are an essential spoke in the communications wheel, because they’re usually called for at times of crisis – or at least during critical turning points in the life of your business. The example of BP’s Tony Hayward, who famously told a reporter “I’d like my life back” after 11 of his employees had lost theirs, amply demonstrates the pitfalls of poor preparation and media mismanagement. We teach you the skills to broadcast a coherent, gaffe-free message to the public.

We’ll show you how to prepare for and take control of interviews, and how to handle awkward questions – you’ll take part in practice sessions with experienced journalists. You’ll learn how to distill your message into the sound bites a fast-moving news media demands. Whether you’re catching up with unexpected events, or seeking media exposure for a long planned product launch, getting your message across is simply too important to leave to chance.

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