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Leadership is about getting your people to back your vision. There can be no credible vision or strategy without the technical knowledge and understanding of a business and its environment. But that vision – and the resource invested in it – are wasted if leaders cannot win the hearts and minds of their teams and the wider business. Communication delivers the vision.

There is an expectation that if someone ends up in a leadership role, they must have great communication skills; that’s not always the reality. Leaders often lack interpersonal skills that influence and persuade and lack an assertiveness that propels teams with direction and purpose. Being an inspiring communicator who can consistently deliver under pressure requires practice. The ability to listen, to communicate with passion, empathy, brevity and to engage authentically are all teachable skills.

The communication for leaders coaching is a one-day course designed for managers wanting to develop core communication skills. Delegates gain a clearer sense of how they come across under pressure, increasing their physical and vocal energy. Through experiential learning simulation, participants build their assertiveness while managing both challenging conversations and personality types.

Case Study
A large UK bank wanted their area business managers to communicate more effectively both at external events – to help generate more clients – and internally with their teams – to help motivate them and to shape and deliver their strategic vision. We initially ran 5 sessions; the feedback was so positive the course has been rolled out to a further 150 managers as part of an accelerated leadership programme.

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