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Presenting with impact

We are all salespeople. Whether it’s a product, an idea, or your value and contribution, selling it to the best of your ability equals success. That means creating a presentation that turns complex ideas into a convincing and accessible narrative.

Bad presentations waste time and opportunity, they are also avoidable. Endless jargon, statistics and sentences that meander through technical detail without making their point clear are forgotten as soon as they are finished. The slow suffocation of audience attention under the weight of bullet points not only affects the speaker’s image but reflects poorly on the organisation they represent and could cost it money or loss of business.

Your people are your ultimate salesforce and success often pivots on a presentation. Consider the impact a team of confident and engaging presenters will have on your business. While the raw material of corporate presentations may be dry, we can help you engage audiences on an emotional level that delivers a memorable message.

This one-day course is designed to get the best out of teams and individuals. We assess your goals, along with each member’s presenting experience and skill level. We develop both the style and substance of your presentation, identifying the techniques and content to best achieve those goals.

Case Study

A leading international consultancy was worried by an exodus of its brightest young talent approached us for help. It realised it was asking its people to run before they could walk. Presenting at client briefing sessions, delivering updates at key meetings – are skills that need careful nurturing. Without proper training, these tasks were making graduates and junior executives anxious, and they were leaving the business because they simply couldn’t face presenting.

We tailored a programme of training for 300 delegates that not only enhanced their impact in presentations but also gave them a simple toolkit to construct powerful, story-based content that they could execute in five minutes. The feedback continues to be excellent, and nobody is leaving. Team confidence has rocketed while managers have also been impressed by their team’s persuasive content.

We have worked on and coached for boardroom presentations, conference keynotes, executive interviews, even University viva voces. Whatever the situation and whatever the audience, we can make your presentation the one that sticks.

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