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Story-telling is a fundamental part of the way that we humans communicate with each other.We tell stories every day, throughout the day. To explain, to persuade, to intrigue and enchant.

We do this in our family and social life. And also in business and commerce. Why? Because stories are powerful. Especially when they combine great verbal content with compelling visuals.

Today, more and more businesses are using the power of video story-telling to market themselves and their product, services and ideas.

Whether that’s to live audiences at presentations, workshops, seminars and conferences. Or on the company website where video messaging can reach out to millions.

In today’s world of information overload, time is short and messaging needs to be brief, memorable and persuasive.So an animated or live action explainer video can be the ideal medium to tell a compelling story in just a minute or two.

Laughton Scott offers both live action and animated video production services. From initial concept, to detailed scriptwriting, to production, animation and editing, we’ll manage and deliver your entire video project on time and on budget.

We don’t carry the sort of expensive fixed overhead that most production companies do. And that means we can keep our costs down whilst maintaining the quality of our output. And because we’re communication experts, we have a pool of proven talent to draw on to help get your message across in exactly the right way. If all this sounds interesting, we’ll get you together with our creative director, Philip Greenacre. An experienced scriptwriter of business explainer videos, Philip’s also an award-winning drama screenwriter and a former TV Edit Producer for BBC & ITV factual observation programmes.

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